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Live the life we're all meant to enjoy

Shopping, dancing, walking with friends, playing with our kids - these are things so many of us take for granted. But, for B'nica Brown, all of these posed a daily challenge before her hip replacement surgery performed by her "miracle worker," Harry Khasigian, MD

  • Dr. Khasagian is an awesome surgeon. These outlandish negative reviews are from crazy people (in my opinion). I showed up for surgery and the prep team and nurse (not associated with him or his office) told me that I am in good hands and he is one of the very best surgeons. I had him for an ORIF shoulder surgery with a rotator cuff tear and he did a great job back in May 2018. Very confident and very good and experienced for these surgeries. The office staff is oftentimes overwhelmed from the shear volume of patients so just be patient and follow up and stay on top of things while waiting to get your referral or procedure approved. As you know the admin side of the healthcare industry is about as inefficient as it gets these days with lots of paperwork pushing. That being said, I highly recommend Dr. Khasagian if you need an ORIF surgery and rotator cuff repair. More than happy with the results. He's old school and a straight shooter but he's on the cutting edge with surgical procedures.

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