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Live the life we're all meant to enjoy

Shopping, dancing, walking with friends, playing with our kids - these are things so many of us take for granted. But, for B'nica Brown, all of these posed a daily challenge before her hip replacement surgery performed by her "miracle worker," Harry Khasigian, MD

  • I couldn't be happier with my new knee. Spent 23 years with a failed Patella Femoral Replacement and this really is a new knee and a new lease on life. I am extreemly grateful to this Doctor and his staff. After reading some of these reviews I am reminded of the lack of personal responsibility people take for themselves. The positive comments coming from positive people. The negative are a bunch of victims. Get over it. The staff is overwhelmed because of how busy they are and our governmental medlings in all things now a days is a reality that took my knee approval 10 months to get. But once I got it. There was minimal wait and the hospital staff at Methodist was very impressive. Having had 13 surgeries now I have experience. Be patient to get to a great doctor or not. Be blessed no matter what.

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