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Live the life we're all meant to enjoy

Shopping, dancing, walking with friends, playing with our kids - these are things so many of us take for granted. But, for B'nica Brown, all of these posed a daily challenge before her hip replacement surgery performed by her "miracle worker," Harry Khasigian, MD

  • The care I received from the doctor and his staff was wonderful! I was treated with respect and the ease of my hip replacement was awesome! I strongly recommend this doctor and his team! Thank you for new hip and new life!

    ~ Anonymous ~

  • Just a great Dr. Sure am glad I got him. Thanks

    ~ Cheri ~

  • Dr. Khasigian was highly recommend to me by a medical professional. He was able to see me right away and schedule me in for an emergency operation. I appreciate how he explains everything to you and listen to your concerns. I now highly recommend Dr.Khasigian, It has been a great experience from sta...

    ~ Darren ~

  • Hi! I got really, really lucky. I researched total hip replacement surgery. When I decided which method of surgery I wanted, I contacted Tarrah Hobbs from Dignity Health at a Medicare Help Line. I explained that I wanted an experienced surgeon that employed the anterior approach while utilizing the ...

    ~ Victor Mencarini ~

  • Dr. Khasigian has taken care of me for over 25 years. I have had rotator cuff repairs on both shoulders. Surprisingly enough I am able to lift overhead, row and even play golf again. Four years ago I had a total knee. After 5 weeks I was out pheasant hunting. My son 6 months ago had an ACL repair. H...

    ~ Richard Peretti ~

  • I had a n ACL tear that other physicians had injected with steroids for 3+ years Dr Khasigian did a repair, I was and am totally satisfied with the results of the operation and I found him to be a friendly and easy to talk to guy. I would give him a 5 star rating and a whole hearted recommendation.

    ~ Ronald H Smith ~

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