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Shopping, dancing, walking with friends, playing with our kids - these are things so many of us take for granted. But, for B'nica Brown, all of these posed a daily challenge before her hip replacement surgery performed by her "miracle worker," Harry Khasigian, MD

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    I severely broke my wrist in a bicycling accident. The initial treatment I got was unsatisfactory and I was eventually referred to Dr. Khasigian’s office, where an appointment was arranged immediately by the doctor’s office staff. From that point on, my treatment and recovery have been better than I ever expected. When it was diagnosed that surgery was required Dr. Khasigian met with me and thoroughly explained the alternatives to and the benefits of surgery. Karen and Sheryl worked with the insurance companies and the hospital to get my surgery scheduled in a very short period of time.

    Dr. Khasigian performed the surgery at Methodist Hospital where I was treated great by the admitting and nursing staff and the surgery went perfectly. The follow-up treatment with Doug was exceptional; he explained to me the healing process and timetable and helped me to get started with physical therapy.

    I really appreciated the fact that everyone in Dr. Khasigian’s office treated me like my time was valuable too. The appointments were always at times that were convenient for me and I never had to sit around the office waiting to be seen

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